Sport fishing in Brazil: what is the best place for fishing?

What’s the best place for fishing? A successful fishery depends on several factors, including the choice of location, after all, each region is home to a unique variety of fish, as well as different possibilities for lodging and comfort. To understand the best place to fish and plan a quality sport fishing continue reading, prepare the baits, hooks, suitcases and let’s go! 


In addition to presenting sinners with various piscoso points in various regions, Brazil is the country with the highest availability of fresh water in the world: 14% of the planet’s freshwater reserve is here.

There are so many options that it can be difficult to choose the best place for fishing, because fisherman who is a natural fisherman values Brazilian biodiversity and seeks to know as many regions, crops and, of course, variety of species

But when choosing the place to fish, it is necessary to be sure, because this choice will define how the fishing days will be.

To choose the place for the next fishing, whether between friends or family, how about betting on a new region or a new modality of lodging? You might be surprised!

What is the best place for fishing in Brazil?

When choosing the place for the next fishery, you don’t have to go too far: what is not lacking in Brazil are excellent rivers for sport fishing.

Check out the best and most coveted sports fishing spots in Brazil and plan your next fishing trip!


The Amazon is nothing more than the largest river basin on the planet, thus being one of the most sought after destinations by Brazilian fishermen. 

The Amazon, Negro, Solimões and their tributaries are some of the most beloved and with the greatest variety of species – which is always interesting, isn’t it?

Cradle of a unique natural beauty and fish such as Peacock Bass, Traíra, Aruanãs and Pirarucus, the Amazon is one of the destinations that has the most abundance of freshwater fish. 

The Araguaia River


Known to fishermen as one of the best rivers for fishing, the Araguaia River is an excellent place for sport fishing, both for its natural beauty and variety of fish.

In addition to the variety, it is in the Araguaia River that some of the most coveted fish are found by fishermen, who love challenges and are prepared to conquer the long-aforadreamed fishing of the great catfish such as Piraíba, Pirarara and Pirarucu, as well as Peacock Bass and Tambaqui.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the places for fishing that contains the largest volume of fish and the amount of species. Everything the fisherman loves the most!

The river bathes the states of Mato Grosso, Goiás, Pará and Tocantins and, therefore, most riverside cities are prepared to receive fishermen. Thus, the amount of freshwater points destined for fishing is very large. 

The Tocantins-Araguaia Basin, formed by the Tocantins and Araguaia rivers, is considered the largest fully Brazilian hydrographic basin.

With an area of approximately 960,000 km², it drains about 11% of the national territory and presents an immense variety of fish species.

About 300 species of fish have already been identified in the basin, attracting fishermen from all over Brazil who dream of hooking fish such as large catfish and several other species considered trophies in sport fishing.

The Araguaia River, between Aruanã and Luiz Alves, receives about 18,000 amateur fishermen annually. It is a meeting point between fishermen who go after diversity, quality time and leisure.

San Francisco River

Also known as “Velho Chico”, the São Francisco River is very abundant in fish species: in all, more than 150 native specieshave already been identified.

The course of the river goes from Minas Gerais to Alagoas and flows into the Atlantic and, being the birthplace of such abundant biodiversity, draws the attention of fishermen who wish to fish for fish such as Pacu, Surubim, Traíra, Dourado and Piranha. 

Uruguay river

Further south, the Uruguay River is a reference in the region. It bathes the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina and, like the Araguaia, Uruguay also has bathes important cities on its course. 

On the Uruguay River, the fisherman encounters species such as Dourados, Piavas, Piracanjubas and Corimbas. 

Rio Grande

The Rio Grande, considered a plateau river, bathes the states of Minas Gerais and São Paulo, being one of the trainers of the Paraná River.

The species most sought after by fishermen who go to Rio Grande are the Peacock Bass and Dourado, fish highly coveted by sport fishing practitioners.

In addition, there are a great abundance of fish like Corvina, Carp, Corimbatá, Traíra, Pintado and Tilapia. 

Roosevelt River

Named after U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, who was present on the bed discovery expedition in the early 20th century, Roosevelt is born in Rondônia and bathes the states of Mato Grosso and Amazonas.

It is very attractive to fishermen because it houses fish species considered “aggressive”, such as Bicudas, Matrinxãs, Corvinas, Cachorras and Pirararas.

How to choose the best destination for sport fishing?

Fishing tourism is gaining increasing strength and popularity in Brazil, after all, the country presents a variety and diversity of fish in both fresh and salt water that is enviable!

Sport fishing, an amateur sport that does not involve fishing for the purpose of trade or transportation, but as a sport and hobby, attracts fishermen from all states by combining the practice of fishing with the search for leisure, rest and quality time with the family.

Therefore, choosing the best place for fishing goes beyond defining the region, basin or river for the de facto fishery.

Sport fishing is so comprehensive that today it is possible to stay in fishing-related spaces, ensuring both the perfect place for fishing and comfort and targeted services, such as equipment rental and assistance from local guides. 

In addition, when choosing the place for fishing, try to check the fishing seasons of each place, because each region has different laws in relation to the period of Piracema and Defeso, in addition to determinations such as the maximum weight of fish hooked that can be consumed on site, within the laws and rules of the sport fishery.

Do not forget: in the practice of sport fishing, in addition to choosing the best place for a quality fishery, first of all it is necessary to have your fishing license up to time, which guarantees the right of fishing in fishing and loose mode. 

Checklist to make the most of fishing

To make the most of fishing, you need to be prepared and organize every detail! Check out the checklist and get to work:

– Choose the location (how about some of the above?);

– Set the goal of the trip: will it be between friends? family? group of fishermen?;

– Check the dates of the fishing season;

– Research on the fishing laws of the place;

– Keep your fishing license up to time;

– Seek the ideal accommodation and book as soon as possible;

– Bring comfortable clothes, sunscreen and other basic items;

– Study on the fish you want to fish;

– Separate the appropriate equipment;

– Search for the best fishing spots (how about making a route?).

Privileged location and comfortable accommodation: how about a fishing resort on the Araguaia River?

When it comes to analyzing the best place for fishing, the Araguaia River is one of the “flagship” rivers, that is, it is a reference in the subject. 

Loved by many fishermen, the Araguaia River is home to an incredible diversity of species that are coveted by fishermen, who love a challenge and dream of hooking fish of all kinds, sizes and colors.

This is because the fisherman is a great admirer of nature, and fishing for fish so unique and often difficult to hook is a goal and so much for him that values biodiversity and wants to have the pleasure of seeing up close distinct and so desired species, such as piraba and pirarara fish, large freshwater catfish, that are in large volume in Araguaia.

Far beyond the choice of fishing location, you need to think about the full experience!

And, if fishing is already an activity that requires physically and mentally, why not choose a place that unites the useful with the pleasant and, in addition to having the fishermen a privileged location for fishing, offers several benefits to facilitate and enhance the experience?

The Canton Fishing Resort is an ecological sanctuary, with very low fishing pressure and a unique concentration of fish. 

It is located on the banks of the Araguaia River, near Bananal Island, in the state of Pará. It is a very piscoso point and an incomparable biodiversity: it is 150 km of araguaia river fully preserved.

And does not stop there: in the fishing resort Canton, the fisherman does not even have to worry about equipment, because there is the possibility of renting suitable equipment.

In addition, finding the best fishing spots is even easier and more interesting with the help of local guides – experts in the subject – and the best fishing boats available.

Comfort is the key word for a quality fishing experience. 

Luxurious accommodations, a high-cuisine restaurant and leisure areas with swimming pool, barbecue area, hot tub and games room with bar make the Canton a complete, comfortable and even more interesting experience. 

The Canton fishing resort is the perfect union between high performance fishing, comfort and leisure for the fisherman and his family. 

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family-river-araguaia fishing resort

Now that you know that choosing the best place for fishing also involves thinking about the smallest details, how about knowing araguaia, fishing various species, rest and enjoy a quality time with the family?

Come live the Araguaia and enjoy in the Canton fishing resort!

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