When do you close the fishing? | Piracema and Defeso 2022 – 2023

When do you close the fishing? – Preservation is a serious matter when it comes to responsible fishing! In addition to understanding about sport fishing, in which the fishing and loose method assists in the maintenance and preservation of species, the fisherman needs to know about the time of Piracema and Defeso of the species. Continue reading and understand more about when fishing closes, why this occurs and what is the relationship with sustainability.


The piracema and defeso period is a milestone in the fisherman’s calendar, as different laws come into force in the wide months.

Whether beginner or experienced, the fisherman needs to be attentive to the laws of each state to practice responsible, safe and legal fishing.

Understand what Piracema is and when you close the fishing

The word Piracema comes from Tupi and means “ascent of fish”: “pira” stands for “fish” and “cema”, “ascent”.

Therefore, Piracema is the period in which the fish climb the river to perform sow after reproduction. It is an important and delicate moment, which is up to the fisherman to respect.

As sport fishing values biodiversity, it is extremely important to understand how Piracema works and learn good practices during this period, so that the reproduction, soning and maintenance of the species are not affected.

How does Piracema work in practice?

piracema fishing-and-loose

Warmer days, frequent rains and more oxygenated water are signs that this period is beginning.

Nature is intelligent and presents the fish with favorable signs and conditions so that they can group in large shoals in the rivers, preparing for the long-awaited moment of ascent.

The increase in rainfall automatically causes an increase in the level of rivers, which overflow and facilitate the rise of fish, which seek to reach the headwaters, lagoons, marginals and floodwaters.

It is on the ascent of the river that the gonads, ovaries and testicles of the fish mature, so it is essential that this ascent happens. While this occurs, they reach the sow sites. It’s a natural, cyclical flow.

The warmer and murky waters are also part of the favorable conditions for mating and snooaning, as they help protect against predators.

The fish arrive ripe and ready for mating. From this point on, fertilization results in millions of eggs that will go down the river or develop in marginal lagoons, also known as the “nursery” of fish.

Water is the natural habitat of fish, which has a cyclical, intelligent and strategic operation, which is repeated annually and ensures healthy and natural reproduction.

It is up to the fishermen to respect this period as much as possible, valuing biodiversity and acting as friends of fish, taking the necessary care not to disturb the piracema.

Piracema X Period of Defeso: what is the difference?

Although they are connected, Piracema and Defeso are different things.

While Piracema is the phenomenon of migration of fish to reproduction, Defeso is the period that protects fish, that is, in which fishing is avoided or relocated in laws and rules.

The Defeso is the legislation that protects the species during the Piracema, that is, it is the set of laws applied to ensure the period of reproduction and sow. In addition, it is in the legislation of The Defeso that the official dates that guarantee and protect piracema are determined. From this, laws are created.

According to the Federal Environmental Protection Law, during Piracema it is forbidden to capture, transport and store native species, as well as species for ornamental purposes.

Piercing materials – such as harpoon, bicheiros and spear – are also prohibited during this period.

“But what about sport fishing, in the fishing and loose method?”

Continue reading to understand when you close the fishing and organize to practice within the law, fisherman!

Piracema and Defeso: who determines and supervises?

The laws and normative instructions regarding the Defeso in the Piracema period are elaborated and governed by the Legislative Power – both federal and state.

On the other hand, the inspection, that is, in fact check fishing in practice, is done by institutions such as the Environmental Military Police, Environment Police, State Department of the Environment and Ibama.

The inspection takes place in the field, both in the water and on the roads and fish sales points, so that it is possible to ascertain what is being transported and / or marketed, in the case of extractive fishing.

It is important to emphasize that each region of the country may have different laws, although the Defense period is quite similar. Therefore, one should consult the legislation of the place where the fisherman will practice fishing.

In addition, the rules vary between type of fishing: commercial and amateur, for example, has different rules.

Sport fishing: In piracema, is fishing allowed in the fishing and loose method?


If the Period of Defeso da Piracema exists to respect the period of reproduction and snoot of fish, ensuring the maintenance of the species, is it possible to fish in the sport, in which the fish is returned to its natural habitat?

According to studies, the practice of fishing and loose does not decrease the survival rate of animals, as long as the fisherman is cautious and values, above all, the life of the fish.

The laws vary according to each state, that’s fact. So remember to find out how it works where you go to practice.

However, in general, The Fishing and Loose does not affect the Piracema, since in the rivers where this modality is released the fish have already started the climb before, so they have already done the sow.

In Piracema, sport fishing can be carried out in non-restricted areas, but with some care: the fisherman must use hook without hook and must have the size of the amateur fishing license.

Fishing license for sport fishing

It is indispensable to have a license for fishing, because this document indicates to the responsible authorities, who act in the inspection, that the fisherman is a practitioner of sport fishing – different from fishing for commercial and /or transport purposes, which is prohibited, because it actually affects Piracema.

In addition to the care with the moment of reproduction and soning of fish, one of the main reasons for the prohibition of predatory fishing during Piracema is the great concentration of fish rising up the rivers.

As they are in shoal (several fish together), they become easy prey. If fishing were released for commercial purposes, the end result would be a major environmental imbalance.

Know when you close the fishing and organize your fishing!

Fisherman, it may be that now you’re asking yourself “after all, when do you close the fishing?”

To understand when you close the fishing, it is necessary to be in mind that there are some variations according to state. The dates for all basins can be found on the Ibama website by clicking here.

In the Araguaia-Tocantins basin, where the Canton Fishing Resort is located, the dates are divided into two:

For Pirarucu, in particular: fishing closes from October 1st to March 31st.

When it comes to all species, The Defeso runs from November 1 to February 28.

The body also states in the document that:

– Amateur fishing (in sport, Fishing and Loose) is allowed in reservoirs;

– Transportation in Defeso requires A Traffic Guide;

– Fishing from 3kg to 5kg/fisherman/day is allowed for local consumption (varying by basin).

Where to fish in the period of Defeso?

As you can see, in Piracema sport fishing is released in some states, with rules and laws that vary. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze and choose carefully the place for fishing in the period of Defeso.

During the period, it is possible to fish on boarded and landed, in non-restricted areas such as private areas, reservoirs and dams (since distant from 500 meters of rivers and springs).

This fishery, of course, follows the Fishing and Loose mode.

And, what better than ensuring responsible, sustainable and legal fishing by staying at a fishing resort that offers all these guarantees and many other comforts?

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