The benefits of fishing: fishing is good for health and well-being

Benefits of fishing. No for nothing, there’s the saying, “Are you nervous? Go fishing!” Far beyond a sport, fishing is an activity that does very well for physical and mental health. Joining the useful to the pleasant, fishing is good for the health of people of all ages and, breaking, ensures a quality time in the midst of nature. Prepare the equipment, choose the baits and check out the best benefits of fishing

benefits of fishing

It is not today that people seek activities aimed at rest, leisure and relaxation. With the advancement of social networks and an increasingly stressful routine, the search for offline hobbies is a reality.

Fishing goes far beyond a sport, it is also relaxation. 

All the details involved in the fishery offer a unique moment of rest and healthy leisure: the observation of water, the movement of fish and the ideal time to try to hook them, for example.

The calm, the ambient sound, the simple fact of being outdoors, away from the noise pollution of the city… if that already seems like a lot, get ready to know benefits of fishing that you didn’t even imagine – and they’re amazing! 

Benefits of fishing for physical health: it’s a sport!

Sport fishing concerns the practice that respects the environment and biodiversity, valuing the species through fishing and release, where fishermen, after hooking the fish, return them to their habitat, taking all care to keep them alive and healthy.

But, fishing sport is also present in the fishing activity itself! Some people think that because it is an exercise with fewer movements, it will not bring benefits, but it is not so: fishing is very good for physical health. Why are we going to find out why?

#1 Fishing is a great continuous exercise

Who wins is health: with the practice of aerobic exercises in fishing, cardiovascular health improves a lot!

In addition, by moving the muscles of the arms a lot, there is a great muscle strengthening, improvement of flexibility and improvements in breathing and posture. 

#2 Cautious movements: for all ages

In fishing, the movements are low impact. That is, they do not promote a very big impact as happens in exercises such as running or cycling. The movement in fishing is smoother and controlled, so each fisherman can be cautious and does not compromise his joints so much. It’s safer!

This fishing benefit is very interesting for fishermen of all ages, including older people or children, who need more cautious exercise.

#3 Immunity and clean air: excellent benefits

Simply because it is outdoors, the fisherman breathes a clean and clean air, which is excellent for oxygenating the lungs, benefiting the circulation of blood. A gift from nature!

Immunity is also improved, after all, being in nature the incidence of the sun is much higher, improving the direct absorption of vitamin D, which directly influences immunity – very beneficial for health as a whole, in the short and long term. 

Far beyond the physical: benefits of fishing for mental health

Fishing activity requires a lot of focus and mental awareness on the part of the fisherman: it is necessary to pay attention, be attentive and focused to perceive the presence of fish and not waste time in fishing.

This focus helps to disconnect the mind from other concerns, such as work and day-to-day conflicts. It’s like a meditation!

Thus, fishing helps reduce anxiety and stress, ensuring a feeling of relaxation.

Those who have fished, can say: the pleasure of catching a fish and celebrating the conquest produces endorphin, the hormone of well-being, generating a feeling of tranquility, courage and much joy.

The fishing of Piraíba and Pirarara, much coveted fish of the Catfish species, is the goal of many fishermen, who work – and a lot – for this conquest! It makes sense to joy, doesn’t it? It’s a unique feeling!

In addition to all these benefits of fishing for mental health, the atmosphere of experience as a whole offers the fisherman a perfect time for reflection, where he can better hear his own thoughts and come to important conclusions. 

Why is fishing good? Know too many valuable benefits

In fishing the learning goes beyond the literal: far beyond the techniques and tricks of fishing, the skills developed are taken to life, such as:

Self-confidence: the more it perceives its advances, the more the fisherman wants to give his best and believes in his potential. Personal goals come to seem simpler, in fishing and in life as a whole.

Patience: it is necessary to wait for the ideal moment to hook the fish, after all, it is not possible to rush the time of nature. This ability promotes a greater sense of calm, since it is understood that everything has its time. Patience is a gift earned in fishing.

Concentration: in fishing, it is necessary to pay close attention to every movement and sound. With this, the brain disconnects itself from other subjects and keeps its attention on what is happening there. 

Sportsmanship: fishing is a sport that can even be practiced alone, but fishermen develop the feeling of belonging to a group, who through network and friendship start betting and create healthy fishing competitions .Learning to take things lightly and working as a team is a great skill and very useful in the routine, isn’t it?

Fishing in fishing resort: privileged location that promotes well-being and environmental preservation

When it comes to quality time, well-being and leisure, fishing is the ideal activity, even to practice as a family!

On children’s holidays, holidays or weekends, promoting fishing days is also investing in family tradition and passing on the teachings of a more disconnected life, of greater contact with nature and harmony with the environment. 

The fishery stimulates preservation and awareness of animal life, because when the fish is returned to its habitat, it will have the opportunity to reproduce and generate more chicks, continuing the species. A great value to teach and pass on to generations!

If the goal is to rest, enjoy the fishing and the benefits it offers, stay in a fishing resort that covers a privileged location and offers a lot of comfort, is the perfect request.

No mistake: At Canton Fishing Resort the Araguaia River is at your disposal in the most privileged location possible, there is equipment for rental and comfortable accommodation waiting for you for a well-deserved rest after fishing for the most coveted fish. Have you ever thought that too much to conquer the fishing of Piraíba and Pirarara, the great catfish of fresh water? 

A fishing resort, totally focused on fishing, is also the best space to meet fishermen, networkand create interesting connections, whether to create groups of fishermen or take friendship beyond sport fishing.

In addition, it is like an immersion in nature: breathtaking landscapes, preserved environment, local customs and high gastronomy. All this results in a complete, unique experience that will never be forgotten.

Come live the Araguaia in the Canton fishing resort, fall in love with sport fishing and feel the benefits of fishing! You’re going to be surprised.

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