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One of the arms of ecotourism – the fastest growing segment in the WORLD and has become a trend in Brazil – is to observe and photograph birds, an activity that encourages environmental preservation, stimulates creativity and generates greater connection with nature. Were you curious about and would like to become a devotee of the trend? Continue reading and know where to shoot birds in Brazil

Spoiler: there are preservation areas designed and planned so you can be in an immersion in nature and practice ecotourism activities such as bird photography and sport fishing. Read to the end to unveil the spoiler and organize your trip today!

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Times are changing and priorities are changing too. Today, being in touch with nature and disconnecting from the modern and fast-paced world is the goal of many people seeking ecotourism activities to rest, calm the mind and practice an offline leisure hobby. 

Ecotourism seeks to combine environmental conservation with the involvement of the local community, offering possibilities for activities that value and preserve the environment while relaxing, entertaining and entertaining the practitioner.

Photographing birds unites connection with nature, rest, creativity through photography – and beautiful images for social networks – and an unmatched environmental knowledge. 

The good news is thatyou don’t have to go very far to observe wildlife and photograph birds: just get to know more about our own country and the possibilities it has to offer. 

Nature, leisure and creativity: photographing birds is a trend in Brazil

Brazil is known worldwide as a country of great ecological biodiversity and exuberant nature. 

It is no doubt that Birdwatching and bird photography are activities increasingly sought after and desired by the Brazilian public, after all, the diversity of Brazilian bird life is huge: until then, there are about 1,900 species of birds recorded, which represents approximately 16% of the birds on the planet. 

Imagine just being able to observe wildlife and photograph birds, recording unique moments, distinct species and creating eternal memories?

The activities of Birdwatching and Bird Photography go hand in hand, after all, observing birds, knowing and recognizing their sounds and knowing how to identify them is a differentiator when recording them, creating incredible photographs. 

You don’t have to be professional to register the wide variety of birds in Brazil: just find the ideal spaces and start practicing!

Where to photograph birds in Brazil and get the best records

To experience an experience of immersion in nature and find a wide variety of species, from the most different to the rare, it is necessary to know the most privileged locations in nature and biodiversity. So your experience photographing birds will be the best possible.

Check out some of our tips on where to shoot birds and start thinking about your next holiday trip!

Amazon Region

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most incredible scenery in Brazil. Known for its exuberant nature, it would be no different: the region is home to rare birds such as the Fire-glowh hummingbird and the Araracanga. 

The Amazon Museum, in the capital Manaus, has a tower dedicated to the observation of birds that are in the treetops. Perfect for photographing birds and practicing photographic composition!

Mantiqueira Mountain Range (SP – MG)

In the Serra da Mantiqueira, located in the region of Campos do Jordão (SP) and Gonçalves (MG), it is possible to observe up to 43 species in one morning, even in winter!

There is the option of walking through the woods and car tour with strategic stops for bird watching and photography. 


Tocantins is formed by a mosaic of environments and has species from the Cerrado, the Amazon Forest and the Caatinga, which results in an unmatched biodiversity.

Of the more than 1,900 species cataloged in Brazil, Tocantins has already recorded the occurrence of 650 species, that is, 1/3 of the Brazilian avifauna is in Tocantins!

Birds such as Pato-Mergulhão (ambassador of Brazilian waters) and Pica-pau-da-taboca (bird that was missing for 80 years and came to be rediscovered) have their address in Tocantins. 

Canton State Park (Pará)

Like Tocantins, Pará is bathed by the Araguaia River and is the birthplace of Bananal Island, the largest river island in the world.

It is in the state of Pará that the Canton State Park is located. 

In order to keep the area preserved and stimulate the maintenance of the region’s biodiversity, the park is an ecological sanctuary that houses many species of birds. 

And it’s time to reveal the spoiler!

What is good is even better: it is also in the park that you find an ecological resort focused on ecotourism and environmental preservation. 

The Canton Fishing Resort, ecological sanctuary with a unique concentration of birds and fish is located on the banks of the Araguaia River, near Bananal Island and is a highlight in environmental preservation. 

The “sewing” formed by the meeting of the Araguaia River and Bananal Island results in a biodiversity without equal, after all, the preserved nature and at its maximum potential helps in the quality of life of birds, who choose ecologically balanced spaces to make their abode. 

With more than 200km of unspoiled nature, almost 500 species of birds inhabit the Canton resort at some point in its migration trajectory! 

No for nothing they choose to be in the Canton: with such a balanced and healthy ecosystem, there would be no better room for their landing… and to photograph them! 

Lagoa do Peixe Park (RS)

Between October and April thousands of birds – migratory and local – share the space with wild animals and the surrounding farms. 

It is a space that houses such diversity that there is even the Brazilian Festival of Migratory Birds, which brings together biologists and ecotourism practitioners, passionate about observing and photographing birds. 

Pantanal Matogrossense National Park (MT)

The Pantanal biome has more than 600 species of birds.

The differential of the Pantanal Matogrossense National Park, in Poconé, is the possibility of observing and photographing birds on board vessels that sail through the Burro Bay.

Canton Fishing Resort: far beyond fishing, the best place to photograph birds in Brazil

Did you know that photographing birds works very important skills?

Some of them are:

Concentration: it is necessary to pay close attention to each movement and sound of birds do not miss the “click”. 

Patience: It is not possible to rush the time of nature, so you need to wait for the ideal moment to click and know how to leave the equipment prepared for that moment. 

Self-confidence: the more he perceives his advances, the more the practitioner of photography seeks his best and believes in his potential. 

The Canton fishing resort is a partner of birds when it comes to environmental quality: the preserved area is a guarantee that species can live, inhabit and reproduce quietly. 

Here, you can find species such as Colheiro, Jacu Cigano, Pato Corredor, Cauré, Tapicuru, Mutum de Penacho, Anu branco, Garça moura, Jaó, Andorinha do Rio, Garça da Mata, Gavião Real… and MANY others. Shooting birds in the Canton is sensational!

Likewise, we are also your partners in the search for a quality time in the midst of nature.

We value the ecosystem and biodiversity while seeking to offer a moment of leisure for families and ecotourism practitioners. 

Our goal is for you to be in touch with nature, relax and focus on ecotourism activities such as the ecological tour to photograph birds and observe wildlife with local guides experts in nature and species. How about practicing sport fishing and also photographing the wide variety of birds of the Canton?

After the tours and with several photographs in the gallery, just relax in the luxurious accommodations and enjoy the local cuisine in the resort’s own restaurant.

Here, the experience is complete: from activities to accommodations, the Canton is an immersion in nature and wildlife. 

Check out the gallery of images captured here at Canton Fishing Resort and get inspired to photograph birds on your next eco-friendly trip!

We’re waiting for you and your family here!

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