Fishing in piracema 2022 – 2023

Fisherman, do you know?

Fishing in piracema, a period in which fishing is prohibited throughout Tocantins, will begin on November 1, 2022, until February 28, 2023.

But are all fishing modalities prohibited? Is there any legal and responsible way to fish in the coming months?

Continue reading to understand what Piracema, Defeso is and what the ordinance allows – or not – during this period. We have already said : you will be amazed by the possibilities of responsible and legal fishing!

fishing in piracema

Called Piracema, a period in which fish migrate to sow and reproduce, the event assists in the protection of biodiversity and maintenance of species and is about to begin.

The Official Gazette of Tocantins published ordinance No. 152 this past Wednesday, 19, announcing the beginning of Piracema in order to warn fishermen that, during the months of November to February, fishing in Tocantins is prohibited – with specific exceptions.

From now on, it is important that fishermen respect this space so valuable and necessary for the species to continue reproducing in a healthy and safe way, focusing on maintaining the long-term fishery, after all, without healthy reproduction there are no fish to be hooked in the future – let alone keep the varieties so incredible that inhabit tocantins.

Pesca na piracema – Understand the importance of Piracema and Defeso

Understanding the laws concerning fishing is one of the duties of fishermen.

But if you still don’t know what Piracema is and the Defeso period, don’t worry! We will explain to you what each means in order to encourage good practicein fishing.

Piracema is the period in which fish climb the river to perform sow after reproduction.

Defeso, on the other hand, is the legislation that dictates Piracema, that is, it is the laws that guarantee the period of reproduction and soning and ensure the dates on which fishing is prohibited, annually.

In practice, it is possible to notice the beginning of Piracema because all the surroundings prepare for this moment: the rains increase, the water becomes more oxygenated and the days become warmer.

With the increase in the level of rivers, through the rains, the rise of fish is facilitated, for example.

More than a cyclical flow, which occurs annually, Piracema is part of the nature of fish and, without it, we would stop sow, the most important step after reproduction.

After all, what does Ordinance No. 152 prohibit? Is Sport Fishing in Tocantins released during this period?

Fishing during the Piracema period is prohibited because it interferes negatively in biological balance and in the formation of new stocks.

According to the ordinance, it is thus forbidden “the exercise of fishing in all its modalities, in rivers, lakes or any other water course existing in the State of Tocantins, including the promotion of championships or fishing tournaments”.

In this period, the transport, marketing, processing and industrialization of specimens from fishing is also sealed.

So, is it forbidden to fish in any way?

It’s not quite out there!

The ordinance does not include in the prohibition:

Amateur sport fishing in the “Fishing and Loose” mode, with the use of hook without hook, provided that the fisherman has an amateur fishing license;

– Subsistence fishing practiced by riparians (artisanal fisherman or domestic consumption, non-profit, of the riverside population).

In addition, according to the ordinance are allowed the defishing, transport and marketing of species originating from fish farms, licensed by the competent environmental agencies.

Sport Fishing is allowed in Canton Fishing Resort during Piracema

Sport fishing, a sport responsible and aligned with the values of the Canton Fishing Resort, is not prohibited in the period of Piracema 2022 – 2023.

The Fishing and Loose modality, in which the sport fisherman returns the fish to its natural habitat, is a legal and safe practice, since in the rivers where the practice is released the fish have started the climb before, so they have already done the snoring.

According to studies, sport fishing does not decrease the survival rate of animals, as long as the fisherman is responsible and values, above all, the act of returning healthy and safe fish to their habitat.

In Piracema, sport fishing can be carried out in non-restricted areas, such as the Canton fishing resort, provided that the fisherman has some care: it is necessary to use hook without hook and have the size of the amateur fishing license, mandatorily.

Sport Fishing in Piracema: schedule your next fishing in the Canton fishing resort

Now that you know that it is possible to fish in the months of November to February, since following the legislation and rules of sport fishing, there is no reason to stop fishing.

Whether between friends, fishing groups or family, a fishing trip is an excellent idea to have a moment of leisure and connection with the environment.

The Canton Fishing Resort is an ecological sanctuary with a unique concentration of fish, ranging from the small piaus and pacus to the gigantic Piraíbas and Pirararas!

We are located on the banks of the Araguaia River, near Bananal Island, in the state of Pará, and we have 150 km of fully preserved Araguaia River.

In addition to a space of exuberant nature and an incredible biodiversity, in The Canton Fishing Resort you will find luxury accommodations, high gastronomy restaurant, leisure areas and high performance fishing with the best motor boat set in Brazil.

Here in the fishing resort Canton we are fans of Sport Fishing, a sport that has been conquering the hearts of fishermen from all over the country. We are more than prepared to welcome you on your next fishing trip, whether in piracema period or not!

Rest assured: at Canton Fishing Resort sport fishing is ensured and, in addition, you receive excellent support from our team of native guides who specialize in sport fishing.

Come live the Araguaia and fish safely and responsibly in the most complete fishing resort in the country! Get to know our packages and ensure your stay 🙂

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