Night Fishing: tips and strategies for this sport fishing adventure

It is wrong who thinks that fishing is only possible in the light of day. Night fishing is a very interesting sport because, like us, fish work differently at night. In addition to the experience at a different time, fisherman who is a real fisherman loves an adventure. There’s no bad weather for sport fishing: keep reading and get ready to fish at night! 

Night Fishing: Have you ever thought about fishing at night? 

Sport fishing is one of the most sought after activities by people of all ages who seek a leisure that escapes from the screens and involves greater contact with nature. That is, it’s a real rest!

However, this does not mean that this hobby cannot be a sport with much practice, study and hard work. Sport fishing, based on the method of fishing and loose, is an excellent option of activity beneficial to health, both mental and physical.

And when it comes to adventure, this activity becomes even more interesting. 

For the fisherman, the challenge of understanding the activity, seeking the best conditions for that particular fishery and conquering the hook of various fish is synonymous with joy and quality time!

Night fishing unites adventure, challenge, new techniques and experiences, after all, the fisherman learns even more about the behavior of the species and becomes an expert on the subject. 

Advantages of sport fishing at night

night fishing

Fish have different habits and work in other ways at night, so night fishing is not only different from daytime as other techniques and care require from the fisherman. 

But contrary to what you might think, that can be a big plus.

During the night most fish are more active, especially predators. In addition, there are fish that only appear during this turn, because they go out to feed at that time.

Another great advantage of the night shift, for the fisherman, is that the fish are a little more vulnerable, because their vision and perception are affected, facilitating the hook. 

Just as there are fish that become calmer and more vulnerable, others become more agitated and active, such as Painted and Jaús that use the night to climb and get closer to the surface to hunt.

There are also other species, such as The Golden One, that are slower and use their camouflage to go out at night and hunt further away from the ravines. It’s a great opportunity for the fisherman who dreams of hooking these species!

Fish are also usually more active at night because the water temperature begins to cool. This is very important especially in the summer months, as fish stay further in to find colder waters and, at night, find more comfort to climb.

Another great advantage for the fisherman is that during the night there is no need to worry about the heat and the risk of sun burn, especially in the summer months. Cool, isn’t it?

The practice of night fishing is also very interesting for learning: the fisherman acquires a lot of experience by learning how to hook fish at different times and situations. Some valuable learnings in night fishing are:

– Gives the fisherman a better understanding of fish habits.

– The fisherman needs to learn to “read” the water and interpret signals through sounds, not counting so much vision;

– Makes the fisherman use other senses to understand when to pull the rod or throw the bait, for example.

Practice leads to perfection – and successful fishing. 

Tips to ensure good hooks in Night Fishing

The more experience gained, the more expert in sport fishing the fisherman becomes, and this is priceless for those who love fishing. 

To start at night fishing and gain even more experience, story to tell and ensure successful hooks, check out some essential care tips and prepare the hooks for this adventure!

Get to know the place chosen for fishing

Having as much knowledge as possible about the point chosen for fishing is essential, especially when it comes to night fishing.

If it is not possible to visit the place in advance or already know of previous fisheries, try to arrive while not yet darkened and locate yourself in space in time.

Sound and hearing: the allies of night fishing

In sport fishing, sound is a great helper: it helps the fisherman to find the movement of the fish before even seeing them, facilitating in the preparation to play the bait. However, in night fishing, sound becomes an essential ally and must be improved.

It is valid to use sound accessories on the equipment, such as accessories that emit sound at the time of snare (known as “stick bell”) and electronic alarms that emit siren sound when some sudden movement occurs on the stick. 

Lighting is never too much

(img 03)

As vision is hampered by the dark, using lighting equipment and accessories is more than essential, it’s as a rule!

Flashlights (common, LED and headlamp) and lanterns are external accessories that help and much in practice. Remember to bring backup illuminations, plus batteries, when applicable.

But it does not stop there: it is possible to adapt the lighting of the fishing material itself, including accessories such as:

– Luminous balls to see the bait;

– Flashes alert on the stick;

– Luminous or fluorescent ribbons (to find belongings and view boat boundaries).

Prepare the equipment in advance

In night fishing it is even more important to be practical and agile.

Put everything you need in one backpack or stand, so you don’t have too much trouble or difficulty moving. 

Leave the fishing equipment as ready as possible for easy assembly and use in the dark. 

As for the equipment, it is important to remember that many fish with nocturnal habits tend to be more aggressive. Use reinforced equipment such as heavier lines and larger hooks. 

Safety is a priority

Night fishing is a great adventure, but basic care should not be left out.

Life jacket, first aid kit, repellent and suitable clothing (preferably long and thermal) are essential to ensure the comfort and health of the fisherman, as well as fishing boots with good traction to prevent falls.

Night fishing in fishing resort: native guides, equipment and comfort

In addition to the correct equipment and safety accessories, it is more than necessary to choose a suitable location both for a good fishing trip and to ensure a good rest after the activity.

Fisherman who is a born fisherman knows: fishing is an activity that demands a lot! 

Being able to count on a comfortable space both for the preparation of the fishery and to ensure a good rest after is a good choice for the night fishing experience to be even more complete. 

The Canton fishing resort, situated in a privileged location on the edge of the Araguaia River, offers the fisherman the union of all that is best for fishing: a piscoso point, with huge variety of species (from the smallest to the giants of fresh water, such as Pirarara and Piraíba), exuberant nature to enjoy a quality time, comfortable accommodations and restaurant of high gastronomy. 

With expert native guides and equipment available for use, in the Canton fishing resort the fisherman and his family enjoy a fishing of excellence, without losing comfort and leisure. 

It is the perfect space to conquer the hook of several incredible species, experience night fishing with quality and safety, exchange ideas with other fishermen and enjoy with the family. 

Come live the Araguaia and fish in the Canton Fishing Resort, the most complete space for your next fishing. 

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