How to fish Peacock Bass: tips for hooking the ambassador of sport fishing

How to fish peacock bass? No for nothing is that peacock bass is one of the most coveted fish by fishermen: this freshwater fish is a great attraction of sport fishing because it guarantees a fishing with a good fight and a lot of excitement, after all, it is a very strong, voracious and large fish. Continue reading to learn how to fish for Peacock Bass and hit your next fishing trip! 

Sport fishing is one of the most sought after activities nowadays by fishermen of all ages and levels of practice. Whether beginner or already expert in the subject, the activity offers offline leisure, connection with nature and the practice of an interesting sport that stimulates the mind and body. 

Valuing the environment and respecting biodiversity, this mode of fishing works through fishing and release and is much sought after by both fishing groups and family fishing, passing on this teaching so valuable from generation to generation. 

In addition to the physical and mental benefits, fishing offers a unique thrill

Paying attention to all the details around, analyzing sounds and movements and being very attentive to throw the bait at the right time is just the beginning of the emotion, which extends to the most anticipated moment: the struggle to catch a fish like the Peacock Bass and all the action involved in keeping the hook and celebrating the achievement of this trophy – until the moment to release the fish. 

How to fish Peacock Bass, the ambassador of sport fishing

The Peacock Bass, also known as the ambassador of sport fishing, ensures an exciting fight, which is why it is so coveted by fishermen and can be a great adventure for family fishing.

Have you ever thought that too much to share this moment with your children and pass on teachings to the next generation? 

Considered a trophy in fishing and loose fishing, understanding how to fish Peacock Bass is the golden key to ensuring the fishing of this coveted fish. 

Learn more about Peacock Bass: features, size and species

how to fish tucunare

How to fish peacock bass?

When we talk about Peacock Bass, we are referring to a species that includes all fish of the genus “Cichla”. It’s one of the best-known fish species in the country!

Its name comes from the Tupi: “Tucun” is a common tree on the banks of rivers, known for its thorns. “Aré” means Similar. In theory, it is a species “similar to tucum”.

Peacock bass is medium-sized fish that have scales and inhabit fresh water, so they can be found in lakes, ponds and rivers.

They stand out for their vibrant colors, with shades of yellow, green, red and blue and, on the tail, usually have an eye-shaped mole. Being a carnivorous species, peacock bass feeds on small fish and shrimps. Unlike other species, he can chase his prey until he can capture them. 

In addition, it performs little migration and has sedentary behavior, having preference for quieter places with little movement.

But make no mistake, they are very aggressive and voracious hookfish, not to mention their size: they can reach up to 70 cm and the weight can vary, taking on average five kilos and reaching up to fifteen, in the case of the largest. 

Currently, 15 species of Peacock Bass are known, such as yellow, paca, pinima, butterfly and blue. The largest of them, the Tucunaré-Açu, reaches 13 kg and more than one meter in length. 

How to fish peacock bass: practical and essential tips

Who fishes, knows: the feeling of conquest is inexplicable! But in the first place to conquer peacock bass fishing, you have to be a strategist as well as the fish itself. 

The giant Peacock Bass is a fierce, strategist and very strong fish, which makes the adventure even more interesting for born anglers who love a challenge. 

In addition, they are territorial fish that fight with other animals that try to invade their space. For the fisherman, this is great, since he will pay attention to the bait and attack. 

Check out some practical tips on how to fish Peacock Bass and get to work! 

Be patient in the hook

Since peacock bass is a ferocious fish and strategist, you may not take the bait first. Insist on the same place more than once, starting from scratch and avoiding giving two hooks in sequence, as this action loosens the line and the fish escapes easier.

The ideal is to hook firmly, collect the line until it is all stretched as before and hook again.

Accurately and use techniques to your advantage

The Peacock Bass usually lurks in its prey near structures such as logs, stones and vegetation, so a good throw can be the differential to hook it. 

Throwing accurately avoids entangles, which decrease the chance of capture. 

In addition, throwing the bait underneath, using the flip cast technique, allows for quieter movement in the water, which helps not to scare the fish away, especially in the case of fish as fast and ferocious as the Peacock Bass. 

The further down the fisherman starts the pitch towards the target, the more accurate it will be.

Choose the equipment well and use it strategically

Peacock bass is a really fighting fish! Therefore, he will try at all costs to get rid of the hooks, wearing down the line and being able to break it. 

Therefore, it is essential to choose good quality equipment.

Fishing line: invest in less elastic models that favor a firmer and stronger hook, such as micro or multifilament lines. 

In the “fight” with the fish, avoid squeathing the line, so that it has no chance of dropping the bait.

Fishing rod: Use a medium to heavy action rod, numbers between 8 and 10, which are strong and light. 

Baits: The species attacks all types of bait, whether natural or artificial. Zig zag baits usually work very well, as do Jigs for days of sudden temperature changes when it usually goes to the bottom of the water. 

It is important that the fisherman works the bait naturally, imitating movements of runaway fish.

Be careful when taking the Peacock Bass from the water

Every action has a corresponding reaction, right? The more violent the recovery of the line, the more fiercely and aggressively the fish will react. 

Work calmly and subtly and use tweezers to hold the fish’s mouth and thus take off the hook, so that the fish is not too scared and, of course, ensure that you can hold it calmly and celebrate this achievement. It’s a great victory!

In addition, it is recommended to leave a long space between the fish and the stick at the time of recoil, giving grip to the brake and the stick.

Where to fish Peacock Bass: how about a fishing resort in a privileged location?

In addition to knowing the species and mastering the techniques, to understand how to fish Tucunaré it is also necessary to seek the ideal location for fishing, after all, there are places and regions in which the species is present in greater abundance.

The Araguaia River, highlighted by the mixture of fauna and flora and owner of an incredible biodiversity, is one of the places where the Peacock Bass is most present, in addition to other freshwater giants such as Piraíba and Pirarara. 

Today, the Araguaia is one of the most sought after rivers by fishermen, being considered the “flagship” of rivers for its wide variety of species, lush landscape and quality fishing experience. 

When it comes to finding the best options to ensure an ideal fishery, how about also having comfort, access to state-of-the-art equipment and local fishing expert guides?

The Canton fishing resort, located at the end of Bananal Island – situated between the Javaé and Araguaia rivers – in the Canton’s environmental reserve, is the ideal environment for a successful fishery.

In addition to the privileged and favorable location for fishing Peacock Bass and other coveted fish, such as the conquest of the piraba and pirarara fishing, accommodation in a specialized fishing resort offers advantages that enhance your fishing experience, such as:

– Equipment available for rental;

– Luxury accommodation for the whole family

– Barbecue and rest area with swimming pool, hot tub and games room with bar;

– Restaurant of high gastronomy;

– Native guides specialized in sport fishing;

– The best motor boat set in Brazil, for a quality fishery;

– 200 km of untouched nature.

photo with tucunare

Fishing Peacock Bass may not be a simple task, but relying on the ideal conditions to facilitate the process is always a good choice.

A fishing resort, in addition to all the advantages for sport fishing, is the perfect space for family fishing, as it offers comfortable accommodation and leisure areas for the experience to be complete.

It is a guarantee of fishing, comfort and leisure: everything the fisherman and his family deserve.

Come live the Araguaia, conquer the fishing of the long-adoted Peacock Bass and practice sport fishing in canton Fishing Resort!

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