Fishing resort in Araguaia: biodiversity, comfort and fishing

All about the Fishing Resort. Sport fishing is a union between the valorization of biodiversity, environmental awareness, sport and leisure. The practice has been growing so much that today there are options for all tastes: how about a suitable fishing resort , well equipped and in a privileged location for a complete experience?

sport-resort fishing

Who’s never heard the expression “Are you nervous? Go fishing!” throw the first stone – or throw the first bait. 

Fishing, a millenary practice that helped in the survival of humanity and helped in the discovery of Brazilian natural beauties, today is an ally of biodiversity and the valorization of species, besides offering a moment of leisure, escape from the routine and several other benefits for the practitioner. 

Fishing tourism, promoting environmental awareness, is an engine for the key turn of sustainability: it is possible, yes, to fish and preserve.

Fishing resort: hobby, nature and leisure in one place

Although enabling and full of opportunities, the modern routine is exhausting: between meetings, work, everyday tasks, children and social commitments, finding a hobby to disconnect from the comings and goings between various addresses and tasks is no longer only important, it is necessary.

Fishing as a hobby unites the useful to the pleasant: it offers an escape from the running routine and, breaking, longer time in contact with nature. 

And it does not stop there: this millenary practice, profession of thousands of Brazilians and hobby of so many others, is an activity that passes from generation to generation, carrying teachings that go beyond the literal.

Parents and children, in addition to sharing quality time, share a hobby/sport creating an even greater affective bond. It is the kind of memory that will never be forgotten and that offers a unique connection between conversations and learning.

Not only not forgotten, this memory will surely be passed on as a tradition.


In this search for a space to relax and enjoy time with family and friends, the fishing resort is the perfect choice to ensure comfort, leisure and a successful fishing.

In a single space there is the ideal location for fishing the most varied fish, comfortable spaces for the family, restaurant of high gastronomy and, as for fishing, there is even the rental of equipment. A great experience!

The benefits of fishing: mental and physical health

Far beyond persistence, fishing requires attention, care and a lot of practice. With this, some skills that bring short- and long-term benefit – to life as a whole – are worked, such as:

– Memory

– Concentration

– Patience

– Dexterity

– Self-confidence

When it comes to passing the teaching to the children, in addition to an activity that promotes quality time in the family, fishing helps in reducing digital stimuli and learning a lighter, calmer and disconnected life. 

Less on, more off: fishing as a rest of the screens

That excessive use of screens and social networks is a problem, it is fact. 

Today, we have to take the opposite path. Instead of seeking more and more connections, we seek to disconnect as much as possible in favor of mental and physical health. 

Fishing unites a mental and physical work: at the time of fishing, there is no application that solves. As a meditation, the work is between the fisherman, the fish and the river.

From a hobby to disconnect to a passion, fishing is a serious subject for lovers of practice: there is study, trial, error and hit. New equipment, new baits, conversations and research… all for the sake of perfect fishing and the benefits that this hobby offers.

A hobby that is, in fact, an intense work: a focused and dedicated fisherman is a matter of his persistence.

With all their commitment to the activity, patience and persistence are the virtues of the fisherman.

These values, provided by a disconnected network experience, are a lesson in life. These are valuable learnings!

Fishing resort in Pará: the spectacular biodiversity of the Araguaia River

Those who are lovers of sport fishing already know: the method of fishing and loose is a great ally of the preservation of biodiversity. 

Fishing and dropping, the species continue in their habitats and can continue to reproduce, continuing genetics and ensuring their preservation.

For fishermen, hooking certain species of fish is a dream, so in sport fishing the choice of location is very important: the better the location in terms of biodiversity, the better the fishing. The place is handpicked to conquer the fishing of the most desired fish.

The Araguaia River stands out for its natural beauties, an absurd biodiversity and perfect advantages for fishermen: with 2630 km, mostly navigable, the river is home to hundreds of fish species, in addition to bathing two large Brazilian biomes, the Cerrado and the Amazon.For a successful fishing, Canton Fishing Resort is the perfect choice: it is located in the delta at the end of Bananal Island – situated between the Javaé and Araguaia rivers – in the Canton’s environmental reserve, offering fishermen a privileged location, as bananal island is considered the largest river island in the world and Araguaia is the birthplace of a lush biodiversity, being one of the most piscoso points in Brazil.

Considered one of the best rivers for fishing in Brazil, it is no question that fishermen want to know and explore the region to the fullest: there are about 300 identified fish species that attract the attention of approximately 18,000 amateur fishermen who visit annually.

Among the various species of fish, the Araguaia River is the birthplace of those who are the “fishing dream” of fishermen, such as the leather giants, Piraíba and Pirarara, as well as highly coveted species such as Pirarucu – one of the largest freshwater slat fish in the world, reaching 3m and 20 cm and weighing up to 330 kg – Tambaqui, Peacock Bass and other fish like Pintado, Barbado, and Dourada.

Fishing tourism: Sport fishing and maximum comfort in a resort of privileged location

If fishing activity already involves a lot of mental and physical work, why not facilitate the rest and make the most of the experience?

Sport fishing, in a fishing resort, is facilitated to the maximum: comfortable equipment, the best boats, native guides and all the necessary structure are available to the fisherman, plus a fantastic network among fishermen.

And of course, the edge of the Araguaia River, the most privileged location for fishing, totally available to fishermen. 

The union of comfortable accommodations and an excellent restaurant ensures a complete and quality rest for the fisherman and his family.

When it comes to gastronomy, Canton Fishing Resort is a reference: the dishes of high gastronomy value and praise the Portuguese-Brazilian cuisine, transforming the stay into a special and unique experience. 

In a fishing resort the purpose is the feeling of rest and the purpose of the experience is one: a quiet and comfortable fishing shared with family and friends

Unforgettable landscapes, biodiversity, variety of species and comfort: a fishing resort on the edge of the Araguaia River is synonymous with quality, luxury and comfort. Come live the Araguaia in The Canton Fishing Resort! 

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