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Fishing resort. The Araguaia River, one of the most beautiful in Brazil, bathes the states of Goiás, Mato Grosso, Tocantins and Pará, and stands out for its diversity of species. It is on the banks of this giant that Canton Fishing Resort, the fishing resort with lush nature, is located. Below, learn about the variety of fish that can be found in the waters of our beloved Araguaia.



It’s one of the biggest freshwater fish in the world. Large, it usually varies between 2 and 3 meters and weighs from 100 to 200 kilos. His head is flattened, his jaw protruding and his body is elongated and scaled. 

Its name comes from the combination of two indigenous terms: pira – fish; annatto – red, because of the color of its tail.It is known as Amazonian cod, for going through a salting process, and runs the risk of extinction due to predatory fishing. 

Piraíba (common in our fishing resort, Canton Fishing Resort)

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Natural fish from Brazil that can reach 3.6 meters and reach weigh 200 kilos, being considered one of the largest freshwater fish in the country, standing next to the also famous Pirarucu. It is known as the river shark, for its similarity in body size and shape. 

According to reports of fishermen, Piraíba likes to turn the fishermen’s canoes and some fear it because they claim it is capable of swallowing an entire man. Its meat is not considered good for consumption, because it is believed that, because it is so large, it is usually full of parasites.


Also known as Apapa or Sardine, its predominant color is golden and its back is darker. But it is worth remembering that the golden is different from the golden, because the latter has scales. An adult fish can reach up to 60 centimeters in length and weigh more than 7 pounds. 

Pirarara (one of the stars of our fishing resort, Canton Fishing Resort)


Leather fish, robust body and can reach 50 kilos and reach 1.3 meters. It stands out for its beauty in the combination of strong and well marked colors, such as red, yellow, orange and brown. 

This animal has fossil records of more than 9 million years and there are indications that in the past it could have attacked humans. The species has a good life expectancy, which can exceed 20 years of age, and its meat is not as appreciated in cooking, due to the strong flavor and high fat content.

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Peacock Bass

One of the best known species, peacock bass is a strong, carnivorous and agile fish. It can reach 30 cm or more than 1 m in length, weighing up to 8 kilos. In Brazil, 15 different species of this animal can be found. It is one of the most appreciated fish in Brazilian cuisine, and can be consumed, fried, roasted, on the plate or in a delicious moqueca.


Medium-sized leather fish that can reach almost 2 meters in length and weigh up to 80 pounds. It is one of the most valued of our rivers, both for impressing in sport fishing and for its unmistakable flavor. Its name comes from its grayish color, with several dark spots coating its body.


It is a rare fish and coveted for its sportsmanship. Because it is shallow water, it is very strong and bully (the maximum size can reach 1.5 meters). Its head is large, flattened and can measure a third of the body’s total. It has serrated stingers on the lateral fins and back, which if not handled with care, easily enters our skin, hindering the exit and causing major trauma.

Fishing resort – More about the giant Araguaia

The Araguaia River is entirely Brazilian, that is, it flows only in the national territory, besides having a perennial flow. This means that even during the dry or dry season, the waters continue to run and the river does not disappear. It is 2,115 km long, from its source to its mouth on the Tocantins River.

From its source to its mouth, the Araguaia River runs along the border between two or more units of the federation: from the south of the border of Mato Grosso with Goiás, through the border between Mato Grosso and Tocantins and between this state and Pará, until it culminates in the meeting with the Tocantins River, in the Bico do Papagaio region. The Araguaia therefore covers three Brazilian regions, which are the Midwest, the North and a small part of the Northeast, considering the Maranhão border.

The Araguaia is home to the largest river island in the world, called Bananal Island, and other sandy islands that form during the dry period. Near its course there are numerous areas of environmental protection, since it covers two major biomes: the Cerrado and the Amazon.

In addition to its importance for environmental balance, this river is essential for the supply of local communities, and municipalities bathed by it, and for the economy, which comprises both tourist activities ( with fishing resorts) and water destined for agricultural and livestock production.

Environmental heritage

The Araguaia River houses in its waters a huge biodiversity, which is composed mostly of freshwater fish and river flora. In addition to aquatic living beings, animals and plants that make up the biomes crossed by the river depend on this hydrographic system. 

Its waters directly bathe 55 municipalities in four different states, supplying millions of inhabitants daily. It is also noted that among this population are included indigenous communities that live in areas near Araguaia, including bananal island, where the Javaé and Karajá peoples are located. In addition to water, hundreds of fish species provide locals with a source of income and food.

Sport fishing

Taking into account the economic importance of the Araguaia River, tourism is an important source of revenue for the municipalities of the region, with emphasis on the river islands and the practice of sport fishing. 

In our fishing resort on the banks of this giant, we have the best guides, deep knowledge of the techniques of the sport, especially pirarara fishing, as well as various equipment for your experience to be quiet and unforgettable.
Come to Canton Fishing Resort to know the diversity of fish that the Araguaia River offers. Here, you will have the opportunity to be in contact with nature, uniting fun and sport.

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