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The practice of fishing in a sports fishing resort has increased throughout Brazil, as well as the demand for fishing resorts that offer a more intimate contact with nature, variety of species, infrastructure and tranquility for those passionate about this activity.

Without a doubt, Pará is a state that attracts many fishermen, since the abundant presence of waters has caused stunning natural corners to form. The Canton Fishing Resort is located in this region, more specifically on the Araguaia River, at the end of Bananal Island, on the border between Pará, Mato Grosso and Tocantins, in an exceptionally preserved place.

The Araguaia River, one of the most piscosos in the country, provides the capture of beautiful species. With its more than 2,100 kilometers, it is considered one of the largest rivers in quantity of fish on the planet.

A little more about sport fishing

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Sport fishing is a variation of recreational fishing – that performed as a leisure activity, without depending on the fisherman’s livelihood. Its goal is to hook the fish, not for consumption or trade, but for the pleasure of fishing. Thus, besides being a practice that does not harm the environment, because the fish after being hooked is returned to the water, it is a great alternative of fun for the whole family.

The sport can also be aimed at competitions. There are championships whose focus is on catching the biggest fish possible. In others, one evaluates the heaviest and the rarest, or else, who catches more fish in a certain period of time, and so on.

However, some care is needed so that the fish is not badly injured by the hook and can grow even more, and spawn more often, increasing the population. The purpose should always be to release him in good health so that another fisherman, on another occasion, will recapture him.

There is a number of differentiated equipment and accessories for this type of fishing. Hooks, rods, baits, among others, are idealized in order not to harm the fish. In addition, the fisherman may use some techniques, such as:

·         Handle the fish in the water as long as possible;

·         Out of the water, when handling the fish, keep the hands wet (the dry hand removes the mucus that protects the fish);

·         Use only hooks without barb or with the shave dented;

·     When fishing at depths greater than 30 feet, pull the fish slowly, so that there is time for decompression (adequacy of the fish in terms of water pressure);

·         Remove the hook with nozzle pliers when not too deep;

·         Speed and delicacy when taking it out of the water to weigh, measure and photograph;

·         Choose a fishing resort that has responsibility and respect for the environment.

Who’s good for?

In general, it can be said that sport fishing operates on four main fronts, which, if allied, can make the sport extremely sustainable, ecologically and economically. They are:

·         Environmental preservation;

·         Job creation;

·         Sustainable economic growth;

·         Promotion of Brazil around the world.

Perhaps, for most sports fishermen, the preservation of species and their natural habitat is the greatest contribution of sport fishing. With the insertion of this modality in our culture, some regions that suffered from deforestation, river pollution and predatory fishing were gradually adapted to the new reality that the sport brought, offering other ways of interacting with nature, without destroying the flora and fauna of these regions.

Another significant point is the generation of direct and indirect jobs, in addition to increased investments in the sector by the government and the private sector. It happens that, due to the demands that the activity brought, increased interest in the opening of companies of materials in the field, fishing resorts, the search for tour guides – usually local people knowledgeable of the habitat and its diversity of fish – the manufacture, import and resale of vessels.

This economic growth has become an important Brazilian product promoted around the world for its greatness, and already attracts thousands of fishermen, investors and foreign companies to the country, seeking not only the big fish, but also the fruits that the sector brings to the economy.

In fact, Brazil can be evaluated internationally as a power in the activity, but because it is a country of continental dimensions, it is very difficult to monitor, disseminate or promote the sport in a full and uniform way. Therefore, it is essential that everyone does their part. There is a maxim of fishing that is quite true: “Preserved place, folded fish!”. 

Finally, more than a sport, sport fishing can be seen as a form of sustainable development. This is because it transforms the way we look at fish and the entire ecosystem, understanding that resources are finite and that we need to take care that the next generations also have access to them.

Xô, sedentary lifestyle!

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Basically, there are two types of sport fishing. The waiting: performed with natural bait, being more passive, waiting for the fish to come. And the active: performed with artificial bait, in which the fisherman needs to make the bait look like a fish or a live animal, flinging it with the rod and reel or reel, and doing a movement work.

On a fishing day, for example, the person even throws artificial baits 700 to 1000 times, which generates a loss of up to two thousand calories. It is a physical exercise that can help to keep fit, in addition, also helps in the mental part, because it is a very relaxing practice and that contributes to the fans escape the rush of daily life.

Essential tips

Learn some tips that allow you to practice the activity safely, efficiently and with better results.

1. Wear appropriate clothing: as sport fishing is an exercise of patience and endurance, it is important that fishermen seek to wear clothes that offer protection against weather conditions, that ensure comfort and allow free movement, especially to ensure the best performance.

2. Know the types of rod and bait: there are several types of rod, line and bait, each of which is recommended for one or more types of practice, water conditions, size or weight of the fish to be fished and fishing environment (open sea, lake, tank, river, among others). You can find options for all styles of sport fishing.

3. Check the safety of the vessel: in cases of embarked fishing, it is essential to be aware of the safety of the vessel that will be used, as this can impact the results of the fishery. It is worth remembering that Canton Fishing Resort has the best motor speedboat set in the country – megabass boats, equipped with Mercury 115hp engines, which are excellent to ensure a fun and safe practice

4. Choose the best type of reel or reel: to practice sport fishing using a reel or reel, one should pay close to the types of fish you want to catch, its weight, dimensions and water depth, among others, in order to ensure a smart choice.

5. Look for the type of fishing that pleases you best: as stated, there are several types of sport fishing, and each person can adapt to one or more styles. There is volume fishing, where the important thing is the amount of fish caught within a period of time; (a) by weight, where the total or individual weight of fish is taken into account; rarity or size, among others. It’s interesting to understand which ones please you and your sportsmanship the most.

6. Try practicing this activity in a fishing resort: a good place to stay can provide you with a complete experience! Gastronomy, rest, good accommodation and, of course, a good infrastructure for your fishing.

The Canton Fishing Resort, because it has an exuberant nature added to an exquisite service, is the perfect destination for lovers of sport fishing. It also has leisure spaces for family fishing to be unforgettable.

Oh, and let’s not forget the great variety and quality of species, ranging from the small piaus and pacus to the huge piraaíbas and pirararas, which make each stay an adventure.

Come and meet us! We are located in a gigantic ecological reserve, at the meeting of Bananal Island and the Canton State Park, with an area of more than 20,000 km², being 150 km of Araguaia river fully preserved.

The best fishing resort in Brazil awaits you!

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