Fishing in Araguaia: the best location to fish different species

Fishing in Araguaia. The Araguaia River, one of the most piscosos rivers in Brazil, attracts fishermen from all over the country who seek diversity of species and the much desired trophies of fishing: the famous big catfish, such as Pirarara and Piraíba. If you are looking for fishing next season, prepare the hooks, continue reading and understand why invest in fishing in Araguaia

Fishing in Araguaia: the “flagship” of rivers

Fishing, whether as a hobby or sport, is no joke: those who are a fisherman, whether beginner or already well experienced, take the practice seriously and seek the best conditions for fishing. From location to fishing season, from baits to specific hooks, everything is thought out and analyzed.

After all, sport fishing demands to open a space on the agenda, move somewhere and many (and good) hours of practice. 

If the goal is only to hook various fish, relax and ensure an offline leisure time, it is also no reason to choose the location in luck.

The Araguaia River, or in its etymology “river of meek macaws”, takes first place when it comes to quality fishing, especially in the region at the end of Bananal Island.

With more than 2,000 kilometers, the river is part of the Tocantins-Araguaia watershed, one of the main basins of the country.

With an immense extension, Araguaia bathes the states of Goiás, Mato Grosso, Tocantins and Pará. 

It is no matter that it is a natural space so sought after by tourists and fishermen, after all, the bathed states bring together an unbeatable biodiversity, which is due to the fact of being part of a transition region between two very important biomes: Cerrado and Amazonia. 

Fishing in Araguaia: diversity of fish – the birthplace of the “heavyweights”

Fisherman who is a born fisherman is enchanted by biodiversity and values nature and species, seeking to preserve to the fullest.

To this end, he devotes time to the study of species to understand how to fish properly, after all, different fishing equipment works for different fish. Thus it is possible not only to hook the coveted species, but also to do the correct way to preserve, in the method fish and release. 

Fishing in Araguaia is the perfect stage for all studies, attempts and practices to be done: with a sensational biodiversity, the Araguaia River is home to several species coveted by fishermen, such as: Piraíba, Pirarara, Pirarucu, Pintado, Tambaqui, Tucunaré, Cachara, Aruanã, Cachorra, Bicuda, Bargada, Barbado, Pacu, Piranha, Mandi and many others! In a fishery in Araguaia, what is not lacking is diversity and the fishing of fish highly desired by fishermen, which are like trophies in the history of the fisherman: the leather giants considered the “heavy weights” of fresh water.

Pirarara and Piraíba fishing on the Araguaia River

Catfish are one of the most popular fish groups in the world, especially in the practice of sport fishing. 

Also known as leather fish – because they have no scales – are very abundant and have so many different species in their own group that it is easy to understand why they are so sought after by fishermen. 

When it comes to the great catfish of South America, they are even more coveted: pirarara and piraíba fishing is the goal of sports fishermen from all over the country, who go to the ideal location to hook them and get to know the species up close.

Robust and with impressive and unique features, Piraíbas and Pirararas are trophies of fishermen, who really like a challenge and go after the conquest!

The Araguaia River, with such a large extension and specific points for perfect fishing, is one of the “points” of fishermen, especially in the most reserved places, as well as in the excellent location of the Canton Fishing Resort, which comprises both the Canton reserve in the state of Tocantins and the end of the island of Bananal, the largest river island in the world

Fish and release: pirarara, piraíba fishing and other fish with a focus on preservation

Whether for leisure, fun, search for disconnection from social networks or an escape from the busy routine of the city, sport fishing is a very practiced activity and increasingly sought after by people of all ages.

The sport fishing is based on fishing and release, that is, the goal is to hook the fish taking care with the oxygenation of it and ensure that it is alive in its natural habitat.

The fisherman can, of course, photograph, record data (such as size, weight and the like), but in the end returns the fish to its habitat, maintaining the preservation of local biodiversity. 

In addition to focusing on the hobby, rest and leisure of the fisherman, sport fishing is also a modality that involves conventions between fishermen, that is, there are groups, forums and even competitions. 

Fishing in Araguaia is totally focused on sports practice, so much so that there is the Law of Quota Zero: during the fishing season it is possible to practice and even consume some species of fish on the banks of rivers or ranches, but it is forbidden to transport on highways. 

The focus is on sustainable, responsible and nature preservation tourism. Amazing, isn’t it?

Fishing in Araguaia in a fishing resort of privileged location: the key to success

No for nothing is the araguaia river region receiving about 18,000 amateur fishermen annually, who seek a privileged location for fishing: biodiversity is immense, there are about 300 species of fish and the landscapes are breathtaking.

The Araguaia River region, besides being the ideal stage for a quality and diversified fishery, offers natural landscapes that delight tourists seeking holidays and leisure moments in the midst of nature.

Throw the first stone who has never heard that fishing is an exhausting activity, tiring to ends. The good news is that it’s behind you: it doesn’t have to be like this.

Fishing involves, yes, a lot of physical and mental work, as well as studies and practices. But today, there is an excellent option to enjoy fishing and not worry about the rest: the fishing resort in a privileged location.

The sport fishing, in a fishing resort totally focused on this goal, has all the facilities for fishermen: equipment, guides, networking and accommodation for fishermen, both for fishing groups or for families seeking quality time.

Fishing resort in Araguaia: diversity of fish, comfort and leisure

If there is a place to unite the fishery with quality time and offline leisure, this place is araguaia. 

And to ensure comfort, comfortable accommodation and all the necessary structure for a successful fishing trip, lodging at a fishing resort in Araguaia is the perfect choice for your next fishing.

The edge of the Araguaia River is entirely available, equipment available for rent, accommodations, restaurants of fine dining and the whole structure aimed at offering comfort and tranquility so you can focus only on fishing: have you thought that too much?

The fishing resort is also the ideal environment to bring family and friends for rest days, leisure and even children’s holidays. How about going over your learning and turning fishing into a family tradition?

The Canton Fishing Resort, located at the end of Bananal Island – situated between the Javaé and Araguaia rivers – in the Canton’s environmental reserve, is the ideal environment for a successful fishery: Bananal Island is considered the largest river island in the world and the Araguaia River is the most abundant fish in Brazil. So there’s no mistake!

Prepare your bags and hooks and come live the Araguaia in a complete and unique fishing experience.

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