Family fishing: learn about the benefits and how to organize a fishing trip

Family fishing – To cultivate a good family relationship is essential to provide unique moments when the focus is to be together and have fun. Without commitments, obligations or tasks, the goal is the connection between parents and children. Family fishing, far beyond a relaxing activity, is a valuable moment of contact with nature and learning about fishing and important values. How about traveling with your family to a fishing resort on the next vacation? 

Family fishing: partnership and connection between parents and children

Today, both parents and children have various commitments and tasks. Between jobs, meetings, homework, school, extracurricular courses and social events, it is increasingly difficult to find a time on everyone’s schedule so that they can just enjoy each other’s presence. 

However, precisely because of this hectic routine it is so important to find a space in the agenda to provide the family with special moments.

Becoming close to your children and creating unique memories is the goal of all parents. To be able to create this partnership connection to provide remarkable experiences, such as family fishing, is the golden key, after all, it is on these occasions that the relationship between parents and children is developed and improved.

When it comes to stories to tell and memories that will forever be remembered, fishing is the “top of the line” activity: it is no fool that the expression “fisherman’s stories” is so widespread. 

Advantages of fishing for children and adolescents

In fishing, far beyond the teachings on hooks, baits, biodiversity and tricks for optimal fishing, parents and children have the perfect opportunity to talk and pass on learning that goes beyond the literal. 

Family fishing is a tradition that teaches values such as the preservation of nature, the appreciation of biodiversity, the importance of local consumption and, not least, valuable skills for the growth of children, such as: persistence, patience, attention, self-confidence and memory. 

In addition, the fishing experience itself is always a good story to tell friends. The hours of fishing, the vast nature sighted, the species of fish hooked, the adventures…Have you ever thought that too much for your son to go back to school telling of the incredible experience he had with his father in fishing? 

Fishing is a way to teach children the importance of stopping and observing the world, appreciating the nature and biodiversity of the country.

It is also an excellent way to teach them how to disconnect from social networks and connect with nature, unusual habit for young people, but extremely important. 

Family fishing is a short- and long-term gift for children, because they learn to live the present, value the now and, being in greater contact with nature, perceive how anxiety is reduced in this activity. 

Unique challenges and experiences in family fishing

If there’s one thing that catches the attention of children and adolescents, it’s new.

The full fishing experience offers just that: everything is special and has an air of mystery and discovery.

The novelty of going to a different place, in the middle of nature, with so many possibilities.

The adventure of choosing the ideal space for fishing, pay attention to the ambient sounds and then that perfect instant to hook the fish and celebrate. The feeling of conquest is unique!

And when it comes to challenge and conquest, fishing takes first place. 

For both amateur and more experienced fishermen, there is always a species of fish more dreamed of hooking: Piraíba and Pirarara, for example, are considered “trophies” in the fisherman’s history, which goes after the perfect location to find them.

The fishing of Piraíba and Pirarara is an interesting challenge to propose in partnership with the children. How about studying about the species, what are its habits and what are the best baits to use?

Thus, the approximation between parents and children begins even before fishing in fact!

Family Fishing Checklist: Organize the fishing and make the most of

To make the most of family fishing, you need to keep in mind some points that must be ensured. Take note and start packing!


Fishing begins with a date plan: gather the family, talk about and choose a date on which everyone can participate. 

It is important to decide the date in advance, so that no hindrance snags when the time is right.

Useful equipment and accessories: don’t forget the basics!

On family trips it is important to draw up a good list of things to take, which go far beyond accessories for fishing.

Sunscreen, repellent, sunglasses, clothing and footwear suitable for fishing and according to season, hat or cap for sun protection and so on. 


When it comes to family fishing, safety comes first. 

It is important to seek a place with a great biodiversity so that fishing is quality, but without leaving aside the security of the space, which should have close services and comfortable accommodations.


Although it is interesting to show the family what an “original” fishery is like, its difficulties and challenges, it is not necessary to give up comfort.

It is possible to combine the more traditional fishing habits with care and comfort, such as adequate accommodations or even all-inclusive lodging services.

A fishing resort is an excellent choice in this case, because it unites the useful to the pleasant: a lot of security, guaranteed comfort and, of course, a hand-picked space for a successful fishery. 

Advantages of the fishing resort for the family

In addition to covering a large natural space and a privileged location for fishing, a fishing resort is synonymous with comfort.

We know that a child or teenager, although he likes the practice, usually will not be fishing all day. 

In a resort there are other spaces and amusements guaranteed to entertain them, such as swimming pool and games room, plus comfortable accommodations for the whole family, who can worry only about fishing and relaxing to the fullest. 

Food is also not a concern, after all, in a high quality fishing resort such as Canton Fishing Resort, there are delicious options of high gastronomy.

In the all inclusive accommodation modality, the fisherman and his family can enjoy the fine cuisine at all times, as they count breakfast, lunch and dinner included, as well as snacks at ease so they can make the most of and try delicious options of local cuisine. 

And it doesn’t stop there: The All Inclusive accommodation also offers pure malt beers, soft drinks, juices and drinks. You have a choice for the whole family! 

It is a complete experience of tranquility, comfort and leisure: everything you and your family deserve. 

In addition, there is even the rental of suitable equipment for fishing, including for children, who need specific and comfortable equipment for their sizes, ensuring an excellent and safe fishery.

Accommodation in a fishing resort not only guarantees family fishing, but turns this occasion into a vacation, even for a few days. 

The Canton fishing resort, located on the edge of the Araguaia River, is home to a privileged location and is home to spectacular biodiversity.

This location is also home to several fish that are the goals of fishermen: the fishing of Piraíba, Pirarara and Pirarucu, fish considered the “heavyweights” of fresh water, is a differential of this location. A super challenge for parents and kids, isn’t it?

Experience Araguaia and create eternal memories in an excellent Fishing Resort

Fishing involves goals, plans, research and a lot of trial and error.

However, family fishing goes further and is also about providing quality time.

The most important is not always the fish to be caught or how many were caught at the end of the day, fishing is also to be able to enjoy a joyful, quiet and unique moment for everyone.

Through fishing, parents and children have the perfect opportunity to strengthen or create new bonds of partnership, friendship and trust, in addition to stimulating one of the most valuable assets: preserving the nature and biodiversity of Brazilian species.

Come live the Araguaia in Canton Fishing Resort with your family!

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