Get to know the Canton: nature, peace and family fishing

Family fishing. The Canton State Park is a place that holds almost untouched natural riches. It is part of a little-known Brazil, which hides imposing rivers, two of the most important Brazilian biomes, the Cerrado and the Amazon Forest, and hundreds of species of fish, reptiles and amphibians. In this article, you will better understand this ecological sanctuary where the Canton Fishing Resort is located, an amazing environment for your family fishing!

Preserved nature

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The Cantão State Park is a conservation unit located in western Tocantins, in the region of the borders with Mato Grosso and Pará. With 90,000 hectares, the park aims to protect the canton ecosystem – the name given to the delta that forms the Javaés River, or a smaller arm of the Araguaia River, where it flows into the larger arm after having formed Bananal Island, the largest river island in the world.

The area contains 900 of the approximately 1,100 significant lakes of all the middle Araguaia. Most of the fish in the region feed and breed in lakes that are isolated during drought. There is also the largest flooded forest, and in fact the largest remaining forest area of the entire Araguaia basin.

During the annual floods of Araguaia-Javaés, the igapós, which is the predominant form of vegetation in the Canton, are flooded by waters ranging from six to eight meters deep.

This creates an extremely productive habitat for fish and other aquatic life forms, as the trees of the flooded forest provide not only hiding places and substrates, but also abundant feeding through the fruits and insects that constantly fall into the water.

It is in this charming setting that Canton Fishing Resort, the best fishing resort in Brazil and the best destination for your family fishing, is located. In addition to the great infrastructure that guarantees convenience and comfort, the resort offers native guides, deep knowledge of the river and specialized in sport fishing, individualized service and speedboats (Mega Bass with Mercury 115hp engines).

What to do in the Canton?

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Here are some leisure suggestions for your tour in the Canton to be complete!

Boat trip: many believe that the region gets richer and more beautiful during the floods, between December and April. The waters rise from 7 to 10 meters high, allowing unforgettable canoe trips through the forest. At this time, it is also possible to observe the jacu, a bird of the Amazon that breeds in the flood season. In addition, the trees of the flooded forest also serve as a hiding place for some animals.

During the floods, the forest of torrão, as they are called the land, grows in the highest land of the interior of the park. These forests are lower than igapó forests and reveal plants such as bromeliads and orchids. In the time of the floods, the forests of torrão are the only places where some species of birds feed, such as jaó and mutum-de-penacho.

Observation of fauna and flora: The Canton is home to hundreds of species of animals such as the jaguar, the otter, the pirarucu and the araguaia boto. Thanks to its location in the transition zone between Cerrado and Amazon Forest, the reserve is rich in diversity of fauna and flora.

The period of full rivers is perfect for birdwatching . Almost 500 species of birds call the Canton home at some point in its migration trajectory. It’s amazing!

Trails: on dry land, it is also possible to walk some trails and breathe fresh air.

Beaches of the Araguaia River: during the dry season, especially in July, the beaches of the Araguaia River attract thousands of people every year. These beaches are also an important habitat for seacarvings, seagulls, tracajás, turtles and other species that nest in the sand. A show apart!

But not only natural areas the Canton State Park is made. There are cities, though relatively distant, to know there. The municipalities of Pium, Araguacema and Caseara reserve good expeditions and are access points to enter the Canton Park.

When to go and what to take

The heat always beyond 30ºC in the Canton State Park keeps the area prone to visitors most of the year.

To enjoy the natural freshwater pools, go from July to September, the dry season of the place. To enjoy the beauty and freshness of the full rivers, embark from September to February.

In the region where Canton Fishing Resort is located, the best dates for family fishing range from April to November.


Camera to eternizar your moments;

Backpack with hydration bag;

Boots for trails;

Summer clothes;

Bathing suits;

Cap or hat;





It is worth remembering that Canton Fishing Resort has a complete structure, including fishing equipment available for rent, in order to bring more convenience to our guests.


At Canton Fishing Resort you can taste, in a restaurant of fine cuisine, several typical dishes and also a little of the Portuguese-Brazilian cuisine. Guests of our fishing resort who opt for the all inclusive package will enjoy a delicious breakfast, as well as lunch, dinner and snacks that are served all day.


Predatory hunting and fishing, turtle egg collection, deforestation, burning and disordered recreation on beaches can threaten the beautiful and rich nature of the Canton. Help take care of this “corner” of Brazil!

Protect the fauna, flora and natural resources with tourist potential, in order to ensure their rational and sustainable use.

How to get there

By plane, you must disembark at Palmas Airport, Brigadier Lysias Rodrigues, which is about 20km from the city centre.

To get to the Canton State Park, it is necessary to go by bus or car, since access is far from the capital. There are three destinations you can choose from to reach space: Caseara, Pium, or Araguacema. These municipalities are the “entrance gates” of the Canton.

In this itinerary, don’t forget to include The Canton Fishing Resort! On a charter flight, land at Santana do Araguaia airport, Pará. From Santana to Canton Fishing Resort are 40km of paved roads.

But you can also get off at Palmas airport, which receives regular flights from all over Brazil. Departing from Palmas, there are 250km of paved roads to our fishing resort. Departing from Goiânia or Brasília, there are 1,000 km of paved roads. For those arriving by helicopter, the heliport is in front of our restaurant.

And you, have you ever heard of this amazing place? Did you feel like meeting? So, on your next trip, come to the ideal and complete fishing resort for you and your family fishing, come to the Canton Fishing Resort!

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