Get to know the great biodiversity of Birds in the Canton: Natural Wealth

Birds in the Canton. Did you know that Brazil stands out as the country with the greatest ecological biodiversity in the world? With such an important title, the country is a great supporter of the preservation of nature and species. In addition to the fantastic variety of fish, the Birds in the Canton represent biodiversity and surprise everyone with their beauty and natural richness!

Continue reading to learn more about the Birds in the Canton and the amazing fishing resort Canton Fishing Resort, a prime location for nature lovers. 

birds in the canton

In the midst of modernization and routine in large capitals, it is not always possible to be in contact with nature, much less observe the exuberant biodiversity of Brazil, which is present in several regions responsible for the maintenance of species.

The Araguaia-Tocantins basin, covered by two biomes – Cerrado and Amazon – is one of the regions with the greatest biodiversity in the country, offering several ecotourism activities for those seeking more quality time in the midst of real nature.

Natural Wealth: Meet the Birds in the Canton

Fishing is a well-known activity in the Araguaia-Tocantins basin, since it functions both as a subsistence activity and as a tourism. But, did you know that the basin is also a benchmark when it comes to bird biodiversity?

The expressive avifaunistic richness is related to the mosaic of biomes that are “sewn” and thus provide the region with several natural environments, which favors and enhances the high richness of species. It’s too much, isn’t it? It’s like a point of natural wealth!

Imagine just being able to see from close to close several species of birds, from the most different to the rare, in the middle of a natural space of nature so exuberant that it looks like a postcard?

You can! Continue reading to find out where the greatest bird biodiversity in Brazil is located and organize your visit 😉

The importance of the Araguaia River in the preservation of biodiversity (title H1)

A natural divider in the states of Mato Grosso, Goiás and Tocantins, the Araguaia River is more than 2,000 kilometers long and is the habitat of hundreds of species of fish and birds.

With such extension and efforts to keep the area as preserved as possible, the Araguaia River is fundamental for the environmental balance of both the area itself and nearby regions.

Bananal Island, the largest river island in the world, is also bathed by the waters of the Araguaia River (in addition to the waters of the Javaés River). 

And it doesn’t stop there: if you thought this was enough reason to visit Araguaia, the next information is breathtaking!

Canton State Park: privileged location in nature in the heart of Brazil

To keep the area preserved and stimulate the maintenance of the region’s biodiversity, on Bananal Island is located the Canton State Park, a fully preserved ecological sanctuary, with the sole focus of preserving biodiversity and maintaining the local economy through ecotourism.

With 90,000 hectares, the Canton State Park is on the banks of the Araguaia River and encourages sustainable tourism, with a focus on species preservation. The Birds in the Canton are so many and carry a beauty so incomparable that it looks like a painting!


(species name below)

It’s easy to understand that Canton is the heart of Brazil, isn’t it? Whether you’re a fisherman, passionate about nature or birdwatching, it’s the perfect region to live and witness to real nature

Ecotourism and birdwatching: the beauty of birds in the Canton

In order to reproduce and find safe housing, birds need a balanced environment with minimal human interference.

Providing a safe and preserved environment is the focus of The Canton Fishing Resort, which is in the delta of the end of Bananal Island, in the environmental reserve of The Canton.

Around here, nature as a whole is taken care of to the fullest. With birds in the canton it would be no different!

Colheiro: indicator of environmental quality present in the Canton


The Colheiro, with spoon-shaped beak and pink coloring, is one of the birds in the canton that are present and catch the attention of tourists and birdwatching practitioners in the Canton Fishing Resort. 

He likes water with good quality and goes after it to find a healthy environment to call his own. 

This means that when we see the Colheiro, it is because the environment he has chosen is in great condition, as an indicator of environmental quality.

The Canton fishing resort is a partner of birds when it comes to environmental quality: the preserved and well-maintained area is a guarantee that species can live and inhabit quietly, like the Colheiro that is always here!

If the beautiful pink coloration of Colheiro caught your attention, imagine just seeing several other incredible species such as Jacu Cigano, Inhuma, Pato Corredor, Cauré, Arara Canindé, Tapicuru, Mutum de Penacho, Anu branco, Garça moura, Jaó, Andorinha do Rio, Garça da Mata and Gavião Real? 

Jacu Gypsy
Jacu Gypsy

Far beyond the birds mentioned above, almost 500 species of birds inhabit the Canton at some point in its migration trajectory! 

It is an immense variety that surprises all who visit the Canton fishing resort for leisure and ecotourism moments. 

Speaking of ecotourism, have you ever “birdied”?

Birdwatching: Bird watching in the Canton

Also known as “Passarinhar”, birdwatching (in Portuguese, Bird Watching) is an ecotourism activity increasingly sought by those who seek greater contact with nature in a quiet way and that stimulates the appreciation of biodiversity.

Nature observation, recognition of bird sounds and knowledge about species: this is Birdwatching!

Practice is a unique experience that makes it possible to know the riches of nature in a way that really connects the practitioner to the natural environment.

Besides being an activity that does very well to the practitioner, since it makes him stop, analyze, listen and understand carefully, stimulating the reduction of anxiety and generating a sense of calm and tranquility, bird watching is an excellent way to promote environmental education!

Appreciating the colors, corners, flights and movements of birds makes the connection with the environment and the appreciation of biodiversity become even more important for people, stimulating care for the environment.

Birdwatching’s activity has become so well known and sought by so many people that, as in sport fishing, there are bird watching communities that help in the categorization of species, promoting environmental knowledge and assisting in the valorization of biodiversity.

Canton Fishing Resort: sport fishing, birdwatching and more

The Canton Fishing Resort, far beyond being the most complete space and with the largest variety of species for sport fishing in Brazil, is the stage of several possibilities and activities in the midst of nature.

With more than 20,000 km² of area of 150 km of Araguaia River fully preserved, the Birds in the Canton find an environment with ideal conditions to make their abode – whether definitive or in migration, almost 500 species pass through here!

Just imagine: sport fishing with native guides and state-of-the-art equipment, luxury accommodation, high-cuisine restaurant, recreation areas and a gigantic natural area to venture into bird watching in the Canton? 

All this – and more – is possible at the Canton fishing resort, which offers a complete structure for the whole family to make the most of the wonders of a gigantic ecological reserve. 

Come live the Araguaia, see the Birds in the Canton up close and get to know a preserved and rich nature in the Canton Fishing Resort! 

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